Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Choose to be a Vedic Math trainer!

If you are a mathematics graduate and have majored in the subject, you should genuinely consider being a trainer for Vedic Math. It is the ancient and fastest method of mathematics developed in Vedic era. It allows you to utilize all the skills you have learnt and refines them by providing opportunities for adapting easy, accurate and faster approaches for solution to be taught to children.

Being a major in math, you might already be aware about how complex the subject can become sometimes. This is the reason, why a large number of people have fear from it. You could become a mediator who can bridge the gap between the pupils and mathematics.

The Challenge…

Knowing math and teaching math is completely different. Before being a Vedic math trainer, ask yourself the following questions:

1.      Do I have the passion to teach?
The question is important because you are not just choosing a profession, instead you are helping others to gain knowledge on something, which they shall carry for a lifetime.

2.      Can I teach mathematics?
A characteristic of a good teacher is that he should know the subject, enjoy his work. He should also have affection for his students and teach passionately being concerned about students’ career and progress.

Know the purpose…

Being a trainer, you should never forget that you have to make math simpler and fun for students. You have to provide them with an ambience of ease that attracts them towards the subject instead of escaping from it.

Vedic maths trainers at Master Mind are focused on providing straightforward math formulas and mental math techniques to students. This helps them in getting good grades in examinations and competitions.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

3 major impacts of Vedic Math on students

Generally a large number of people are already aware about the immense benefits from the Vedic Math program. However, not many of us might be aware about what positive impacts does it have on the students. Highlighted below are 3 major impacts of the course.

1.      Decision Making

Applying Vedic Math tricks provide the students with more than one method to solve a particular numeric problem. Therefore, it gives liberty to students for deciding which approach would be best suitable to derive a solution. This imbibes the decision making capability in them to be used in daily routines.

2.      Logical Thinking

To obtain the right solution for the sum, it is important for students to apply the correct logic. Vedic math techniques involve making use of logics while doing mathematical calculations. Thus, it enhances the logical thinking capabilities in students which can be applied in Math as well as in other subjects.

3.      Advanced level of Conceptualization

Making use of math methodology inculcates an advanced level of conceptualization abilities in children. It gives them opportunities to be innovative and utilize new ideas and approaches to mentally answer a problem. This is pertinent not only in mathematics, but also in real life situations where spontaneous conclusions have to be derived.

Hence, do opt for the Vedic Mathematics course to learn speed math and mental math techniques and become extra-ordinary.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Online Practice for Vedic Mathematics

 Master Mind’s Vedic maths program brings to you unique means of practicing mathematical sums and calculations on an online platform through its Speed Building Software. Mathematics is a subject which is needs huge amount of practice to get thorough with it. There are a lot of complexities associated with it and so children develop a disinterest in the subject. The practice from books becomes often monotonous and boring.

Our innovative technology, the Speed Building Software provides the students with a friendly environment like that of a video game and so practicing maths problems become interesting. This not only ensures increased practice of sums but also generates a magnetic interest towards the subject.

The characteristics of Speed Building Software are:
·         A lively and vibrant environment similar to online/video games
·         Large store of questions to be attempted
·         Gives instant results of the questions answered and submitted
·         Provides a refreshing and relaxing platform for maths practice
·         Incorporates fast calculating skills in children

The mental maths of children gets improved through this software as it enhances the ability to do speed maths and calculations in a shorter time frame. Learning Vedic maths at Master Mind gives a pleasant and satisfactory experience to all the students.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Why become a Vedic Maths trainer?

A large number of students are afraid of Mathematics. As the level of complexity in the subject increases, they tend to shy away from it. What exactly the reason is? It’s difficult to get an answer whether it is due to
1.      the difficulty of the numerical problems
2.      the teaching methods
3.      the lack of interest
4.      the approach for solving the questions

Now what exactly is your role being a Vedic Math trainer?

Since you have to teach mathematics, you should know that a high percentage of students do not like the subject. But, you have to change the negative belief that they carry within their minds. For you to be a successful Vedic Math trainer, you must help children
1.      to develop a confidence in them to attempt all problems
2.      to enhance the speed and accuracy while performing calculations
3.      to minimize silly and careless mistakes
4.      to make them understand difficult concepts/formulas with ease

Why should you become a Vedic Math trainer?

Vedic Math has been popular in school, college going children and also in students preparing for competitive exams. Being a Vedic Math trainer you can
1.      train the students to calculate at least 10 times faster than usual
2.      offer your students something extra by teaching methods that are not common
3.      generate revenue by teaching a large number of students to defeat math phobia
4.      be satisfied for contributing in the upliftment of students through quality education services

Master Mind Vedic Maths program helps children to enhance their mental math through trainings for math formulas and speed math techniques that adds to their confidence in solving mathematical sums. As trainers you can be catalytic to this process.