Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Vedic Math: Mathematics Simplified

Mathematicsis an integral part of our daily lives. It is involved in our routines activities like dealing in currency while shopping, keeping count of time, learning math lessons in schools, while doing business and in making personal decisions. It is the basis of learning various other subjects like science, economics, information technology etc. Therefore, right from the beginning of our education, we are taught the number system.

However as the level of study increases, its complexity also increases and a large number of students develop fear for the subject. But, the significance of mathematics cannot be ignored as knowingly or unknowingly, one has to make use of it till the last breath. No matter how so ever intelligent a person is otherwise, if he/she is not able to perform basic calculations, it does not portrait a good impression on the people around.

As a matter of fact, it becomes a prime necessity for educators like us to simplify the subject for children and make it attractive and adaptable for them. For this, we offer the students and individuals with a Vedic Maths course that is an ancients India’s fastest calculating system.

The course is based on 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras, which makes numerical calculations convenient, fast and accurate. These maths formulas are interrelated and unified which makes them even more flexible to approach to a solution.

Mathematics is universal, that is, it is known to all mankind. The language of math is common in every nation. Thus, there are no cultural boundaries for it which makes it recognized all across the globe. Rather than escaping from it, you must learn to love it. If you wonder “How?”, Master Mind Vedic Math program gives you the answer.

Our skilled and experienced trainers edify you with Vedic math tricks and formulas that are easy to use and ensure success in tests, competitive examinations and daily mathematical operations. The course is certainly devised to make you love math thereby developing you into a more confident being.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Vedic Mathematics vs. Modern Mathematics

Listed below are the few major point of differences between the Vedic mathematics and modern mathematics. Let us have a look:

Vedic Mathematics
Modern Mathematics
It is the ancient Indian system which was rediscovered in 1911 to 1918 by Swami Bharti Krishna Tirathji Maharaj
The advent of Modern Math came from Vedic Math, i.e. Vedic Math is considered to be the ancestor of modern mathematics

There are 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras in the complete system
There are myriad formulas which are used invariably for different branches

All the formulas and approaches are interrelated and maintains uniformity to derive the answers
There is no consistency and relation between the formulas as there are different formulas for different topics which cannot be used elsewhere

Approaches or Methods
The approaches are simple and fast. To derive one answer, more than one approach can be chosen as per convenience
The approaches are detailed (time consuming) and only one approach has been defined to derive a solution for a particular set of questions

It involves only 2 or 3 steps to solve a question.
To derive a correct inference, step by step procedure has to be followed.

Modern maths

To be proficient in the traditional mathematics, it is advisable to learn Vedic maths. Enroll now for the best program offered by Master Mind and learn maths formula that will enhance your speed math skills.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

A treatise on Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Math is an ancient mathematical calculating system which is a collection of 16 Sutras (formulae) and 13 sub Sutras (sub formulae). These formulae cover everything from calculations on simple arithmetic to complex geometry. Its highlights range from arithmetic, algebra, computation, trigonometry, shapes, calculus, symmetry and interrelation between diverse structures.

There are quite a few branches in which the Vedic math system deals in. These are namely: combinatorial mathematics, topology, harmonic analysis, group theory, number theory etc. All these areas of study involve deep thinking about the numbers, so that quicker mental calculations can be performed.

Vedic mathematics is commonly known as ‘instant math’ or ‘speed math’. These names are given to the system because of its jaw dropping abilities to immediately derive a solution to complex questions within a fraction of seconds, merely by looking at it. It is a proven method which maximizes the brain performance by maintaining its balanced use.

Master Mind Vedic Maths, offers a program to enhance the mental math in pupils and overcome their phobia from the subject. Enroll now to learn the math formulas and Vedic math tricks.

How to promote Vedic Mathematics in schools?

Vedic Math being an ancient mathematical calculating system, due to its immense power of calculating problems within seconds has gained popularity across the world. But, still it has not been able to get much recognition from the schools to be adopted in their curriculums. For that reason, conscious efforts can be made to promote this system in schools and help students to learn simplified and convenient methods to solve math sums.

Some of the ways to promote Vedic math in schools are:

·         Introduce Vedic Math in your circle: Since you are reading this blog, you are already aware about its wonders. You (as a teacher or even as a student) can share your knowledge among your invaluable network by promoting the shortcuts and tricks which can help solve questions with ease.

·         Conduct School Workshops: If you are a teacher, you can conduct workshops by taking up a few Vedic Math lessons at schools and teaching the students to calculate sums mentally so as to derive faster results.

·         Share links of the useful articles within your network: Internet is a big platform that constitutes lot of useful information. Being a teacher, you can encourage the interested students to go through Vedic math articles by sharing them through your web pages and blogs etc. This becomes a constructive source of learning math.

To encourage Vedic Mathematics so that it becomes more adaptable all over, contact Master Mind. Here you will be guided on how this system can help students to learn speed math.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Vedic Mathematics: A Mathematical Wonder!



·         Are you a school student who is scared of Mathematics?
·         Do you wish to learn tricks and shortcuts for mathematics so that you can easily crack competitive examinations?
·         Do you want to practice math mentally without using pen and paper?
·         Are you looking for tips on how to solve math in seconds?

Vedic Math system used 16 sutras (formulas) and 13 sub sutras (sub formulas) which portraits the mental working of the mind occurring naturally while implementing them. These math formulas help the students in deriving an appropriate solution for the problem.

The most promising feature of the whole system is that it is unified. This means that the techniques are interrelated and are easy to be linked together. It gives a satisfying experience by increasing efficiency and accuracy of solving mathematics. It is flexible and gives liberty to pupils for finding new approaches to a question.

The real charm of the Vedic maths system cannot be discovered unless it is experienced personally. Once it is practiced, one would consider it to be the most refined mathematical system in existence, as it is even more systematic than the modern system of mathematics. Enroll now! Learn Vedic math tricks to practice speed math.