Saturday, 17 August 2013

How to promote Vedic Mathematics in schools?

Vedic Math being an ancient mathematical calculating system, due to its immense power of calculating problems within seconds has gained popularity across the world. But, still it has not been able to get much recognition from the schools to be adopted in their curriculums. For that reason, conscious efforts can be made to promote this system in schools and help students to learn simplified and convenient methods to solve math sums.

Some of the ways to promote Vedic math in schools are:

·         Introduce Vedic Math in your circle: Since you are reading this blog, you are already aware about its wonders. You (as a teacher or even as a student) can share your knowledge among your invaluable network by promoting the shortcuts and tricks which can help solve questions with ease.

·         Conduct School Workshops: If you are a teacher, you can conduct workshops by taking up a few Vedic Math lessons at schools and teaching the students to calculate sums mentally so as to derive faster results.

·         Share links of the useful articles within your network: Internet is a big platform that constitutes lot of useful information. Being a teacher, you can encourage the interested students to go through Vedic math articles by sharing them through your web pages and blogs etc. This becomes a constructive source of learning math.

To encourage Vedic Mathematics so that it becomes more adaptable all over, contact Master Mind. Here you will be guided on how this system can help students to learn speed math.

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