Thursday 30 April 2015

Vedic Maths- Reviving Interest in Mathematics

Maths has invariably haunted many of the kids and adolescents throughout their schooling career and even later. Maximum percentage of students (as high as 70 on 100) are scared of the lengthy and complicated maths concepts or theorems. This is a reason why students are reluctant in studying the subject and ultimately under-perform in it.

In such horrific scenario, Vedic Maths can be called a panacea to overcome this concern of students coping up with the fear of solving maths. With simplified and short tricks and formulae, Vedic maths help solve large sums in seconds, without any errors. It is no less than an encouragement for performing mental maths which revives interest in learning the subject and solving more and more mathematical problems.

Now anyone can avail world-class Vedic Maths course at Master Mind. With over 200+ Vedic Maths centers across the country, no individual will remain devoid of an opportunity to take the course. To give a quick review, here are the benefits of pursuing the Vedic Maths course at Master Mind-

·         Easy approach of calculating sums
·         Accurate results
·         Speed in mental calculations
·         Reduces maths anxiety
·         Coherent and flexible in nature
·         Rechecking prospects to ensure right answers

To choose the Vedic Mathematics course as per specific eligibility criteria, visit and check out the available programs.

Sunday 26 April 2015

Foundation of Vedic Maths- The 16 Sutras

Vedic Maths is the ancient Indian system of performing fast and accurate mental calculations with ease. This science has been derived and rewritten from “Atharva Ved” by Tirathji Maharaj between 1911 to 1918. He has compiled the complete subject of Vedic Mathematics in 16 sutras which are namely-

1.       Nikhilam Navatascaramam Dastah which means “all from nine & last from ten”
2.       Ekadhikena Purvena which means “One more than the previous one”
3.       Urdhva – Tiryagbhyam which means “Cris-Cross”
4.       Paravartya Yojayet which means “Transpose and Adjust”
5.       Sunyam Samyasamuccye which means “When the samuchchaya is the same, It should be  treated/equated to zero”
6.       (Anurupye) Sunyamanyat which means “If one is in ratio, the other one is zero”
7.       Sankalana Vyavakalanabhyam which means “By addition & by subtraction”
8.       Puranapuranabhyam which means “By completion or non – completion”
9.       Calana Kalanabhyam which means “Differential”
10.   Yavadunam which means “Double”
11.   Vyastisamastih which means “Use the average”
12.   Sesanyankena Caramena which means “The remainders by the last digit”
13.   Sopantyadvayamantyam which means “The ultimate and twice the Penultimate”
14.   Ekanyunena Purvena which means “One less than the previous”
15.   Gunitasamuccayah which means “The product of the sum of Co-efficients in the factors”
16.   Gunakasamuccayah which means “When a quadratic expression is a Product of two binomials then its first differential is Sum of two factors”

To learn and use these sutras and get rid of your maths fear and anxiety, take the Master Mind Vedic Maths course. Primary school kids can choose for Naughty Maths course (also based on Vedic Maths), a 100% game based program for learning maths.

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Why parents need to push kids for extra-curricular activities? 

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This very famous proverb that clearly signifies that a person must involve into activities that break the monotony of a regular work, else he may become boring and unexciting. Same goes for kids. If kids are put to study all the time, their results won’t be as productive. Instead, they’ll feel the pressure more than it really is and would perform poorly. On the other hand when kids are introduced to extra-curricular activities and are encouraged by parents (or teachers), they develop skills that aren’t learnt otherwise inside the classroom.

Extra-curricular activities add to a personality of the child positively. Here are the many outcomes of kids being involved in extra-curricular activities-

·         Become smart and confident
·         Develop a spirit of healthy competition
·         Build a social identity
·         Perform individually and in a team
·         Become patient and calm
·         Learns to manage time

Supplementary education today is more like an extra-curricular activity that incorporates certain skills in kids without exposing them to routine classrooms. It focuses on developing their overall personality rather than merely focusing on their academic scores. To take a supplementary course that benefits students in innumerable ways, contact Master Mind Vedic Maths. To put kids into playing mathematical games, choose Naughty Maths today.

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Naughty Maths- Placement Tests

Naughty Maths is a program designed to suit the needs of children in subject ‘Mathematics’. It is open for school kids, specifically for students in standard 2 to 6. This 100% game based maths tutoring program is bliss for students as it never makes them feel as if they are studying.

But, before commencing with the Naughty Maths program, we conduct ‘placement tests’ for each student to identify his/her level of understanding. For example, if we have a student walking in to enroll for our program, we would first check if he is able to perform addition (and subtraction) thoroughly ‘up to 5’.

If not, we place the student in classes he/she would be trained on performing calculations up to 5. If he/she is good on calculating till 5, we test him/her for calculations ‘up to 10’. And then we follow the same method of placing students for their need-specific course. This process is continued to check the calculating abilities of children ‘up to 20’ and then placing them in the course accordingly.

To take a ‘placement test’ for your child and help him/her start at a level that is most suitable, drop in at your nearest Naughty Maths center today!