Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Why parents need to push kids for extra-curricular activities? 

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This very famous proverb that clearly signifies that a person must involve into activities that break the monotony of a regular work, else he may become boring and unexciting. Same goes for kids. If kids are put to study all the time, their results won’t be as productive. Instead, they’ll feel the pressure more than it really is and would perform poorly. On the other hand when kids are introduced to extra-curricular activities and are encouraged by parents (or teachers), they develop skills that aren’t learnt otherwise inside the classroom.

Extra-curricular activities add to a personality of the child positively. Here are the many outcomes of kids being involved in extra-curricular activities-

·         Become smart and confident
·         Develop a spirit of healthy competition
·         Build a social identity
·         Perform individually and in a team
·         Become patient and calm
·         Learns to manage time

Supplementary education today is more like an extra-curricular activity that incorporates certain skills in kids without exposing them to routine classrooms. It focuses on developing their overall personality rather than merely focusing on their academic scores. To take a supplementary course that benefits students in innumerable ways, contact Master Mind Vedic Maths. To put kids into playing mathematical games, choose Naughty Maths today.