Sunday, 26 April 2015

Foundation of Vedic Maths- The 16 Sutras

Vedic Maths is the ancient Indian system of performing fast and accurate mental calculations with ease. This science has been derived and rewritten from “Atharva Ved” by Tirathji Maharaj between 1911 to 1918. He has compiled the complete subject of Vedic Mathematics in 16 sutras which are namely-

1.       Nikhilam Navatascaramam Dastah which means “all from nine & last from ten”
2.       Ekadhikena Purvena which means “One more than the previous one”
3.       Urdhva – Tiryagbhyam which means “Cris-Cross”
4.       Paravartya Yojayet which means “Transpose and Adjust”
5.       Sunyam Samyasamuccye which means “When the samuchchaya is the same, It should be  treated/equated to zero”
6.       (Anurupye) Sunyamanyat which means “If one is in ratio, the other one is zero”
7.       Sankalana Vyavakalanabhyam which means “By addition & by subtraction”
8.       Puranapuranabhyam which means “By completion or non – completion”
9.       Calana Kalanabhyam which means “Differential”
10.   Yavadunam which means “Double”
11.   Vyastisamastih which means “Use the average”
12.   Sesanyankena Caramena which means “The remainders by the last digit”
13.   Sopantyadvayamantyam which means “The ultimate and twice the Penultimate”
14.   Ekanyunena Purvena which means “One less than the previous”
15.   Gunitasamuccayah which means “The product of the sum of Co-efficients in the factors”
16.   Gunakasamuccayah which means “When a quadratic expression is a Product of two binomials then its first differential is Sum of two factors”

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