Thursday, 2 April 2015

How can parents make kids solve maths with ease?
This question has seemingly been a major concern for both parents and students all across the globe- “How to make maths easy?” Apparently, most of them would know how, but find it difficult to implement into practice.

In this blog are a few suggested strategies to be followed by parents and help their kids excel in the subject ‘mathematics’.

1.       Maths in the form of fun games

Right when the child is about to build an educational base, it becomes crucial for you to pay ‘extra’ attention to how he/she learns. Adapt games while practicing maths. Kids have a tendency to get attracted to colors, vibrant and animated platforms. When kids solve sums on maths games, they take it as play and not as practice or study. This is how they perform better and pass through difficult levels of solving problems with ease

2.       Evaluate the progress and reward them

Kids learn better when they are motivated. The same old monotonous method of solving maths questions will only make them reluctant to study. Decide upon certain milestones for your child’s progress and immediately when he/she reaches there, reward him/her with gifts (not necessarily educational). This will make the child energetic and enthusiastic to practice more maths

3.       Apply maths into reality

Help your child count the steps while walking to a grocery shop, make him/her exchange currency with the retailer. Ask the child to read the clock, calculate time backwards and forward. Such activities not only aids kids in dealing with numbers efficiently, but also activate their brain to take them ahead of the masses.

Try these methods and observe your child develop a love for mathematics as a subject. Hopefully, learning maths would then be less stressful and more joyous for your kid. Play mathematical games for children at Naughty Maths!

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