Thursday, 20 November 2014

4 Myths about Mathematics

We should not be surprised that a large number of people have prejudice for mathematics and develop some beliefs against it. Possibly, certain negative instances have even made a few of us believe on the myths about Mathematics.

These myths are mostly not correct, or just partially correct. And most of the people so never really understand the importance and use of Math. The 5 most common myths about mathematics are listed under:

1.      People are born with math skills
Majority of the masses are not good in math. They feel disinterested, have fear and think its complex. Consequently, they believe that those who are good in math have inborn abilities to solve numerical problems.

But this belief is incorrect. Everything that we do in life is an outcome of what we learn. Likewise, performing math correctly depends on how we learn it. We cannot blame external factors for what we achieve. It’s their adaptability, agility and alertness that makes them grasps math concepts.

2.      Mathematics is based on intuitions
Intuition has absolutely no link with solving mathematical problems. Math is solely based on following a logical approach and it is a science that needs reasoning to derive solutions. The profound knowledge of mathematics can never be acquired by intuitions.

We have to use our intelligence and logic simultaneously to successfully solve the problem. Each formula has its significance and cannot be applied anywhere like firing arrows blind folded, just because one has an intuition that it would be correct.

3.      Math is based on having a good memory
Solving math problems does not depend on how good your memory is, instead on how well you can conceptualize. It is practically impossible to by heart all the formulas for various topics and no one is such a whiz to remember them all.

But, the ability to make use of the right concept is the art that can take you miles on the path of attaining math success.

4.      There is some shortcut to learn math
One should realize that there are no magic tricks involved for solving mathematical questions, neither are there any shortcuts. The fundamentals of mathematics should be clear as they are the building blocks of higher level studies.

The only way to ensure math success is that makes genuine efforts to learn the basics and advanced concepts. Also, getting over the negative viewpoints is essential to utilize your caliber to the full.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Faces of a Math Teacher

A teacher has an essential role to play in shaping the futures of children. Mathematics being a crucial subject requires an efficient teacher to teach the students. A successful math teacher is the one who can educate students in such a way that their results are visible in quantitative terms.


The math teacher has several faces while he/she educates the children. They are:

·         Math teacher as a GUIDE
It is a teacher’s responsibility to plan and execute lessons in a way that they are understandable for the child and easy to grasp. He is the one who instructs the children and guides them into learning what is being taught. Also, clarifying all the doubts every time and suggesting simplified methods for better understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures, is the prime responsibility of a math teacher.

·         Math teacher as a MOTIVATOR
Students can easily be motivated or discouraged for their performance. As a math teacher it is your responsibility to motivate the child for every achievement. Even small piece of encouraging actions like asking the class to applause when the child solves the question correctly can be motivating. On the other hand, supporting the child to cope up with the difficult topics will equally help.

·         Math teacher as a VISIONARY
A math teacher as a visionary should have the analytic ability to visualize the strengths and weaknesses of every individual student. This makes them structure useful plans to be adopted while teaching math, considering the grasping levels of all the students. This guarantees improved scores and results.

·         Math teacher as a STUDENT
A caring and selfless math teacher is the one who places himself into the shoes of the students and try to analyze all the problems that may arise while studying. This thorough analysis helps them teach the students starting from building the basics and thus proceeding to the complex part of the problems.

·         Math teacher as a DISCIPLINARY
In case the child becomes stubborn on learning math and its concepts and is unwilling to understand them intentionally, then the teacher has to be strict to ensure that studies are never compromised. If required disciplinary actions should be taken so that the students gain knowledge through serious and dedicated efforts. After all the teaching approach should be result oriented thereby enhancing the students’ performance in mathematics.

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