Thursday, 15 August 2013

Vedic Mathematics: A Mathematical Wonder!



·         Are you a school student who is scared of Mathematics?
·         Do you wish to learn tricks and shortcuts for mathematics so that you can easily crack competitive examinations?
·         Do you want to practice math mentally without using pen and paper?
·         Are you looking for tips on how to solve math in seconds?

Vedic Math system used 16 sutras (formulas) and 13 sub sutras (sub formulas) which portraits the mental working of the mind occurring naturally while implementing them. These math formulas help the students in deriving an appropriate solution for the problem.

The most promising feature of the whole system is that it is unified. This means that the techniques are interrelated and are easy to be linked together. It gives a satisfying experience by increasing efficiency and accuracy of solving mathematics. It is flexible and gives liberty to pupils for finding new approaches to a question.

The real charm of the Vedic maths system cannot be discovered unless it is experienced personally. Once it is practiced, one would consider it to be the most refined mathematical system in existence, as it is even more systematic than the modern system of mathematics. Enroll now! Learn Vedic math tricks to practice speed math.

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