Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Be a Math Whiz!

Master Mind Vedic Maths invites you to its world of mathematics, where you will be transformed into a math whiz. Here you will be converted into a math genius with all the necessary mathematical skills incorporated in you. This will make you more confident and develop in you, an attraction for the subject.

  • The different areas where Vedic math can be applied:
  • Factorization of Cubes and Quadratics
  •  Argumental and Straight Division
  •  Auxiliary and  Partial Fractions
  •  Highest Common Factor (HCF)
  •   Vedic Numerical Codes
  •   Recurring Decimals
  •   Square Roots
  •   Cube Roots
  •   Differential Calculus
  •   Sums and Differences of Squares
  •   Simple and Complex Mergers
  •   Pythagoras Theorem and so on…

Can you imagine how simplified and fast the calculations would become if you would be able to solve the problems that make use of above mentioned applications?

The course at Master Mind teaches you to learn the short Vedic math tricks and mental math techniques to derive accurate results in fraction of seconds. Join now to get the flavor of the fastest calculating methods and develop your speed math abilities.

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