Saturday, 17 August 2013

A treatise on Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Math is an ancient mathematical calculating system which is a collection of 16 Sutras (formulae) and 13 sub Sutras (sub formulae). These formulae cover everything from calculations on simple arithmetic to complex geometry. Its highlights range from arithmetic, algebra, computation, trigonometry, shapes, calculus, symmetry and interrelation between diverse structures.

There are quite a few branches in which the Vedic math system deals in. These are namely: combinatorial mathematics, topology, harmonic analysis, group theory, number theory etc. All these areas of study involve deep thinking about the numbers, so that quicker mental calculations can be performed.

Vedic mathematics is commonly known as ‘instant math’ or ‘speed math’. These names are given to the system because of its jaw dropping abilities to immediately derive a solution to complex questions within a fraction of seconds, merely by looking at it. It is a proven method which maximizes the brain performance by maintaining its balanced use.

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