Saturday, 12 October 2013

Characteristics of a good Math student

A student can never be labeled as good or bad. It all depends on how you can teach a comparatively weak child so that he/she can excel in the subject. A student is never born with skills, either mathematical or other. Skills are developed and learnt with the passage of time.

We shall now look at some of the characteristics that make a good math student.
·         Possess a capability to think mathematically to get aware about various quantitative information
·         Able to think logically on relationship between numbers and operations
·         Visualize and generalize the numeric or non-numeric patterns in different type of questions
·         Work, discover and apply concepts in creative ways to derive solutions to a problem
·         Search for alternative solutions to complex and lengthy problems
·         Apply strategies that encourage mental computations to increase one’s efficiency
·         Be self assured to use math formulas and concepts

All this and lot more can be achieved easily by taking up the Vedic math course. The course teaches the students to apply mental math and speed math techniques to become proficient in dealing with numerical problems.

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