Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tips to prevent learning loss of kids during holidays

It’s the festive season and all schools are closed for vacations. These holidays are like refreshment for kids as they get a break from their regular routines and studies. But, these holidays sometimes affects the continuity of learning for children. Especially a subject like mathematics requires a lot of practice, and holidays limits this activity.

So, how can parents prevent this learning loss during holidays?
Here are some ways by which parents can involve kids into activities that engages them and adds to their learning.

1.      Make them practice Math Problems
Though math practice will not be a fun during vacations, make your kids solve only 4 to 5 questions a day to keep in touch with the subject and school syllabus. This will certainly help the children bridge the gap and cope up in the areas where they lag and develop effective math skills.

2.      Get them activity books or games
Companies like Master Mind have structured books which involves math practice through games, enhancing their mental math skills. Also, online games are an available option that can be adopted for learning calculations without being bored.

3.      Turn daily tasks into learning
Involve a few tasks in the daily routine of kids that will make them count, calculate, deal with numbers etc. to make them perform mathematics unknowingly, thus building a strong foundation for math.

Students and parents call follow these tips to enhance their scholastic skills and avoid loss of learning.

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