Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Discalculia: A Math Disability

We might have heard about learning disabilities like Dyslexia and Dysgraphia etc. But, not many people would know about a math disability i.e. Discalculia. It is referred to as an individual’s difficulty to perform numerical or arithmetical calculations.

There is no particular test or criteria that can affirm that a student is suffering from Discalculia. Even the schools and education institutes due to their lack of frameworks for measuring it, cannot diagnose this problem in students.

How to help the student’s with Discalculia?

·         Build a concrete base of understanding the concepts before proceeding further
·         Develop math perceptive through visualization
·         Make use of pictures, graphs, symbols etc. to teach complexities
·         Appreciate and encourage. Do not demoralize them for mistakes
·         Relate studies with real life situations and share personal experiences or stories
·         Use fun ways that are interesting and involves participation

The Vedic Maths course at Master Mind will help deal with Discalculia through its innovative learning methods like Speed Building Software. The software helps practice numerous questions on a single topic, level wise, to build a deep understanding. The teaching methods are easy to adapt and effective for learning. Also, the maths formula and Vedic math tricks help simplifying complex problems.

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