Monday, 2 September 2013

Mathematics: A Universal Language

Mathematics is a language that directly or indirectly becomes a means of communication universally. It will continue playing a central role in education of school curriculums and it is too significant to be ignored.

Whether poor or rich, everyone has to use math and numbers in their lives. Living without math is like living in void. It is applicable in every field and profession like IT, engineering, education, economics and business. It helps us in rationalizing the information and balancing the alternatives to make personal or professional decisions. Neglecting mathematics can prove to be an injury to all the knowledge. One may lose the opportunity to gain the insights of the world itself.

Many students do not want to or do not choose math as a major subject due to lack of confidence in dealing with numbers, which is often referred to as “math phobia”. This can also be attributed to the complexities in the mathematical formulas adopted by the metric system of mathematics.

Master Mind offers Vedic mathematics program, the ancient but simplest logical and fastest calculating system, that helps develop an interest in math. The program is centered to improve mental math skills so as to make an individual competent for an international platform and become impeccable in this universal language.

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