Friday, 20 September 2013

Symptoms of Math Difficulty

Math difficulty (or math disabilities) can occur in an individual as early as he/she is in the stage of scholastic development. There are some deficits which cause these disabilities and can be observed either individually or in a combination.

There are a few signs which can help identify if a child (or an individual) faces math difficulties. Listed are a few to be discussed:

·         Inability to recall the right methods, formulas, concept or procedures to solve a question
·         Very slow grasping of the procedures
·         Unable to retrieve and implement what has been learnt
·         Difficulty in attaining precision and accuracy while solving mathematical and numerical problems
·         Difficulty in practicing problems on papers
·         Difficulty in relating concepts which have been studied earlier
·         Discontinuity while solving sums or getting struck up in between the process etc.

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